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Why Big Potentiality Of "Small Oil Mills" At Everywhere

Oilseeds such as groundnut (peanut), palm nut, coconut, sunflower, sesame, sheanut (karite), soybean, cottonseeds, rapeseed, mustard etc. are grown in most of the countries of the world and hence it is easily available in every country. Most of oils of these oilseeds are the edible oils and as we know edible (cooking) oil is the primary requirement of human being. Our Small Oil Mills produce the oil from the above oilseeds by mechanical crushing. As per our long experience and deep survey, at everywhere cooking oils producing industries (oil mills) are in the hand of some monopolized people only who can invest the big and giant investment in such business. On the other side 95% of people who have the small investment capacity and they are in search of small technologies and machineries. But due to the lack of small technology in their country they are disappointed. Thus cooking oil is the primary requirement of human being, oilseeds are easily available at every where and 95% people are in search of such small technology due to their small investment capacity, there is a very big potentiality of our SMALL OIL MILLS at every where. The investment in Small Oil Mill is smallest while return on investment is fastest and highest. Hence mostly the mill owner can earn (get) total investment back in 1 to 3 months only. Moreover Small Oil Mill provides the self-employment, contributes to rural development and improves the economic position of farmers, villages and country.

Functions Of Machinery:

The process of oilseeds extraction (crushing) is starting from the seeds decorticating or cutting or cracking. Oilseeds are decorticated or cut or cracked for the better quality of oil and cake (by product) as well for more recovery of oil. The groundnut decorticator shells the groundnut or coconut cutter makes the small pieces of coconut or palm nut cracker cracks the palm nut or soybean cracker cracks the soybean before crushing. While generally Sesame, Sunflower, Cottonseeds, Mustards, Rapeseed etc. can be directly crushed in the expeller without any shelling or cracking process.

Decorticated or cracked oilseeds are fed in the feeding hopper of long cooking kettle for cooking purpose. Cooking of seeds is necessary for highest recovery and long life of oils. Long cooking kettle is provided for the proper cooking of the oilseeds. The cooking kettle has given a special shape for maximum heating surface and the better cooking.

The cooked oilseeds will be automatically dropped in the expeller and the expeller extracts (crushes) the cooked oilseeds with the highest extraction pressure and produces the oil and by product (cake). The extraction chamber of expeller is specially designed for the highest recovery of oils; as well the complete design of expeller is heavy duty for the best performance.

The filter pump is attached with the expeller and it supplies the extracted oil from the oil tank of expeller to filter press with high pressure.

The filter press filters the extracted oil by using the micro filter cloths to make it edible. Filtered oil will be a very cleaned, transparent, fresh, pure and natural in taste without any chemicals and hence there is a big demand of the same oils at everywhere. The filtration chamber of the filter press is specially designed with membranes plates for the best performance.

The husk or any waste wood or any agricultural waste or diesel is used in the boiler for firing as a fuel. The boiler produces the steam from the water and which is given to the cooking kettle for the cooking of the oilseed. Water feed pump is provided to feed the water in to the boiler.

Salient Features Of 'Jagdish' Small Oil Mill:

The best, advanced & cheapest technology of the world.

The specially designed long cooking kettle is provided with round feeding hopper for the sufficient cooking of the oilseed that gives the maximum recovery of the oil.

Due to the special design of our expeller it create the maximum extraction pressure in the extraction chamber and hence it gives the maximum recovery of oil from the oilseeds than big and other small type of oil expellers and which is very important to stand in the present competitive market.

Due to special design of the filter press with membranes plates that is useful for the best filtration process and hence filtration of oil is very good and oil can be stored for long time.

Due to the use of steam boiler it increase the quality and recovery of oil.

Automatic feeding and filtration system is for expeller and filter press.

Plant (Mill) can be run by electric motor or by diesel engine if electricity is not available.

Most of installation accessories are supplied with our every mill and some replaceable spare parts are also supplied for about 2 - 3 years. So that problems of spare parts may not be arisen in future.

Any type of edible or non-edible oilseeds can be easily crushed in our machinery without making any changes. Different capacities of oil mills are available.

Some More Information:

Generally recovery of oil from 100 kg. of good quality of oilseeds will be as under :

Groundnut kernels 46 kg., Sunflower 37 kg., Sesame 48 kg., Coconut 60 kg., Palm nut 42 kg., Cotton seeds 13 kg., Soybean 12 kg., Caster seeds 40 kg., Mustard 35 kg., Maize germs 20 kg., Sheanut (karite) 40 kg., Rape seeds 35 kg. (These figures will be according to the conditions of the oilseeds, method of operation, experience of operation etc. These are for rough calculation only. In another words 6 to 12% oil will remain in the cake.)

By-product cake has a good market value as a valuable animal feed or organic fertilizer. So the cake is used to make the animal feed and we are also manufacturing the animal feed making machinery.

Cottonseed, Palm nut, Soybean oil requires neutralizing process for some more clarifying the oil. Hence we will supply the neutralizer with our machinery if needed.


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Oil Mill Machinery
Oil Mill Machinery
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